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Kin Canada Foundation

Kin Canada Foundation
1920 Hal Rogers Drive,
Cambridge, ON N3H 5C6
Toll-free: 800-742-5546 • 800-PICK-KIN
Tel: 519-653-1920
Fax: 519-650-1091
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The Kin Canada Foundation was founded in 2005 to further Kin Canada's mission of community service. The Foundation is a registered charitable corporation supported by voluntary contributions from Kinsmen, Kinettes and friends of the Kin Canada Foundation. 

The Foundation assists the Association by working to raise funds to enable Kinsmen, Kinette and Kin clubs and to be better serve Canadian communities. Numerous Canadian charities will also be direct beneficiaries of the Foundation's funds. 

Some chapters can provide assistance for hearing aids and other hearing related needs.

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Kinsmen and Kinettes are members of 542 clubs, which belong to the national association of Kin Canada. Each club elects its own officers and operates autonomously when determining how it fundraises and distributes those funds within the local community.

Each club in the Association elects an executive every year. This executive will consist of a president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer at the very least. Many clubs include a registrar, bulletin editor(s) and directors as well. The role of the Executive is to act on the club's behalf in all matters of club business. They will meet regularly outside of the club's monthly meetings to discuss club business and take care of any business assigned to them by the club. The club president in particular plays an important role in how the club operates and is the liaison between the club and the deputy governor.

Each club decides whom, and how much they will help. You’ll need to contact a local club to get help. Find them on