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Oticon Pediatrics Hearing Aid Loaner Bank

Oticon Pediatrics Hearing Aid Loaner Bank

Maureen Doty-Tomasula 888-684-7331


The Loaner Bank provides children with hearing aids immediately in order to maximize the child’s language acquisition opportunities while other funding is arranged. The program loans hearing devices for a three-month period to children under the age of 3 years while arrangements for third-party reimbursement are secured or while cochlear implant evaluation is underway.


All children can utilize this resource nationwide. Hearing aids will be loaned for up to six months to families who are seeking funding. A family can apply for a three-month extension. Priority will be given to families of newly-identified children. The dispensing audiologist must initiate all requests for hearing aids. Parents may be required to pay an approximate $50.00 dispensing and shipping fee and also pay for batteries and ear molds.

To Apply

This program is available through participating audiologists who will access the program.