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State and Private Assistive Technology Loan Programs

State and Private Assistive Technology Loan Programs


Offered by and in virtually every state, these programs will loan recipients assistive listening technology to try, as well as backup equipment while theirs is being repaired, and/or financial loans to purchase technology, including hearing aids. State programs also may offer the ability to purchase used assistive technology or even receive it for free. The particular assistive technologies for loan vary from state to state, but they do include a variety of assistive listening devices such as alarm, door, and baby announcers; FM and wired assistive listening devices; telephone assistance and amplifiers; smoke detectors and alarm clocks; and other useful devices.


Criteria vary from state to state, but the programs are for low-income residents. Income documentation is required.

To Apply

People should contact their state Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing or do an Internet search using the terms “State Telecommunications Equipment Distribution Program” and the name of their particular state.

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