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Phonak makes a splash with its new water and dirt resistant portfolio

Based on Spice+ technology, the Phonak M H2O hearing aid is the perfect choice for those seeking excellent performance for an active lifestyle.

Stäfa, Switzerland (October 31, 2011) – Today‚Äôs hearing aid users are clear about their expectations: They want a device that offers reliable performance across a wide range of listening environments. The new Phonak water and dirt resistant portfolio is designed to meet these requirements. Whether enjoying conversations in a restaurant or heading out sailing on the open seas, users can enjoy themselves without having to worry about their hearing aids. The Phonak water and dirt resistant reliability is available in a range of versatile micro-sized BTEs, a powerful CRT and a dedicated pediatric device.

Featuring an impressive level of water and dirt resistance (IP67) the new Phonak M H2O models are the perfect companion - both indoors, and outdoors, ranging from jogging and cycling to water-based activities. The new housing is designed to be water and dirt resistant, with special attention paid protection of the microphone sound inlet and battery door – all of which support reliable performance in these various environments. This micro-sized hearing aid is equipped with a telecoil, an on-board manual control and is FM compatible (ML15i receiver). Together with all the other performance highlights, the M H2O is the ideal choice for a broad range of applications.

Based on the new Spice+ technology, Phonak M H2O offers a unique performance and feature set. Spice+ delivers significantly enhanced sound quality, a more natural hearing experience in a quiet environment, improved first fit acceptance and a simplified fitting workflow. To cover all needs, the new M H2O is available in three price and performance categories, joining the product families Phonak Ambra (premium), Phonak Solana (advanced) and Phonak Cassia (standard).

“With our new portfolio, we introduce truly reliable hearing solutions that offer outstanding performance and a high level of water and dirt resistance. Users can perform a great deal of sport activities without having to worry about their hearing aids”, says Alexander Zschokke, Interim CEO of Phonak.

The water and dirt resistant portfolio is completed by the introduction of the new Naída S CRT, an external receiver device for those who do not want to compromise when it comes to a powerful, yet discreet hearing solution. Additionally, the new Nios S H2O, also a member of the M H2O product family, is an extremely robust and durable hearing aid of the pediatric portfolio, offering micro-sized housing perfectly suited for small ears.

About Phonak
Headquartered near Zurich, Switzerland, Phonak, a member of the Sonova Group, has developed, produced and globally distributed state-of-the-art hearing systems and wireless devices for more than 60 years. The combination of expertise in hearing technology, mastery in acoustics and strong cooperation with hearing care professionals allows Phonak to significantly improve people’s hearing ability and speech understanding and therefore their quality of life.

Phonak offers a complete range of digital hearing instruments, along with complementary wireless communication systems. With a worldwide presence, Phonak drives innovation and sets new industry benchmarks regarding miniaturization and performance.

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