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Publications on Hearing Solutions

Kochkin, S., Tyler, R. and Born, J. MarkeTrak VIII: Prevalence of Tinnitus and Efficacy of Treatments, The Hearing Review, Vol. 18 (12), November 2011, pp. 10-26
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Kochkin, S. Hearing Loss: Ensuring your child is not a statistic
(Parent Guide, May 2009)
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BHI asks, how can we make sure no child is left behind?
(Hearing Journal, February 2009)
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How to buy a cell phone when you have a hearing loss (Courtesy: Volta Voices Jan/Feb 2009 – by Janice Schacter)
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Kochkin, S. & Tyler, R. Tinnitus Treatment and the Effectiveness of Hearing Aids: Hearing Care Professional Perceptions, The Hearing Review, Vol. 15(13) December 2008, pp. 14-17.
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Kochkin, S. Increasing hearing aid adoption through multiple environmental listening utility. The Hearing Journal, Vol. 60 (11), November 2007, pp. 28-49.
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Kochkin, S. Better Hearing for all nations. Hearing Health Magazine, Summer 2004, page 9.
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Kochkin, S. Binaural Hearing Aids: The Fitting of Choice for Bilateral Loss Subjects. Knowles Electronics: Itasca, Ill (2000). A tutorial for Audiologists, dispensers and physicians; includes 15 reasons why binaural hearing aids are effective.
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Kochkin, S. & Rogin, C. Quantifying the Obvious: The Impact of Hearing Aids on Quality of Life, The Hearing Review, Vol 7(1) January 2000, pp. 8-34.
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