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About Our Sponsors

The Better Hearing Institute (BHI) recognizes our sponsors who are committed to educating the public and medical profession about hearing loss, its treatment and prevention.


As a supporter of the Better Hearing Institute, the Hearing Industries Association (HIA) provides invaluable financial support that furthers the development of BHI educational programs for consumers, hearing healthcare professionals and physicians. The Hearing Industries Association represents the firms that manufacture the majority of the hearing aids and components sold in the United States on an annual basis. The Hearing Industries Association (HIA) is dedicated to providing information about, promoting the use of, and enhancing access to amplification devices in the United States. These devices include externally worn hearing aids, implantable hearing aids (cochlear, middle ear and brain stem) and an array of assistive listening devices.

The following companies are members of the HIA providing funding for the day-to-day operations of the BHI.


Audina offers a comprehensive product line of premium digital technology, including the INTUITION 4AD, INTUITION 4+, INTUITION 2, SPARO AD, SPARO, SPARO 2, ACCURIO, ARC, PARAGON 4, PARAGON 2, FOUNDATION and SIMPLEX, SUPER 60, and OPTI-TRIM instruments. In addition to a full conventional line with the class A, class D, AGC-o, and Super 60D Power ITE; a broad BTE and Pre-Wire Kit line is also available as well as entry-level stock products such as the ezHEAR modular.


Audiology Online provides online information and education for the hearing health care professional.


Beltone has a complete product line of digital hearing instruments, hearing aid accessories, hearing aid batteries, hearing aid fitting software, educational materials, hearing aid insurance, publications, marketing and sales materials, training manuals, and DVD’s.


Bernafon LLC in the USA is a subsidiary of the worldwide Bernafon-group, A Swiss-based manufacturer of innovation hearing solutions, offering an all digital product range from high-end to entry level hearing aids.


Energizer provides a full line of zinc air hearing aid batteries including the Energizer EZ Change. Energizer Alkaline batteries for test equipment.


ESCO is an industry leader in providing comprehensive insurance on hearing instruments. Our products are complimented by innovative practice building programs designed to support your business and enhance your professional image. We offer financing options, extended warranties and patient retention solutions.


Etymotic Research is a research, development, and manufacturing company that designs products to measure, improve, and protect hearing. Etymotic’s products are used by hearing professionals in clinical and research settings, and by musicians and consumers who insist on superior sound quality.


Frye Electronics designs, manufacturers, and sells chamber and real ear analyzers for digital dispenser audiometer. By October 2008, Frye will also be manufacturing and selling the NAL HearLab computer-based Auditory Cortical Response Instrument for the objective assessment of hearing aid function in infants. Frye sells the Decos computer-based audiometer in Oregon and Washington. It is a very high end system that can be used with most large computer networks. A complete line of accessories and supporting computer software can be seen at

GN Resound

ReSound develops technology and solutions to improve quality of life for hearing impaired throughout the world. Founded in 1999 through a merger of GN Danavox and ReSound Corporation combining 90 years of hearing instrument development, ReSound today upholds its illustrious history as a leading manufacturer of cutting-edge hearing instruments in major global markets. ReSound North America is headquartered in Bloomington, MN.


Insound Medical is a manufacturer of the lyric hearing device, the first and only extended wear hearing device that is 100% invisible.


Interton’s complete portfolio of digital hearing instruments provides simple, powerful solutions for your patients


IntriCon designs, develops, and manufacturers micro-miniature body-worn medical and electronic products based on proprietary technology. IntriCon is a leading world supplier of digital circuit solutions and algorithms for the hearing health industry. These include a complete product line of electronic components to full systems. In addition we support economical analog circuits, volume controls, trimmers, switches, faceplates, and programmable faceplate systems. We provide contract design engineering and assembly to qualified manufacturers.


Knowles is the world’s leading manufacturer of subminiature acoustic transducers. We support a full line of microphones, receivers, and electromechanical components for all BTE, ITE, ITC, and CIC hearing instruments, including the Thin Mic microphones and Ferrofluid damped receivers. We work with our customers to provide custom solutions as we firmly believe that better hearing instruments start with better listening.


Micro-tech is a provider of first class digital hearing instruments supported by real-world hearing solutions and innovative business services.

On Semiconductor

On Semiconductor offers the most widely deployed open platform DSP systems for the hearing aid market. Through ongoing research and development in digital signal processing and wireless technologies, along with unparalleled manufacturing flexibility, dedication to customer service, and best-in-class development tools. On is committed to providing hearing aid manufacturers with leading-edge semiconductor solutions of optimal value and performance.


Oticon, one of the leading hearing aid manufacturers, has a strong track record of innovation and technological breakthroughs including wireless technology with spatial sound, ear level digital- and voice-activated hearing aids, and hearing devices powered by artificial intelligence or designed with the newest Receiver-in-the-ear(RITE) technology. In addition, Oticon continues to develop and manufacture the most technologically advanced hearing devices to help people with hearing loss- in every age group.


We are sensitive to the needs of everyone who depends on our knowledge, ideas and care. And by creatively challenging the limits of technology, we develop innovations that help people hear, understand and experience more of life’s rich soundscapes. Interact freely. Communicate with confidence. Live without limits. Life is on.

Phonic Ear


Pulse manufactures components for the hearing aid industry. They offer a complete line of innovative subminiature components, including microphones, receivers, telecoils, trimmers, volume controls, switches, connector systems, faceplates, and wax protection. Pulse have suitable models for any type of hearing instrument, BTE, ITE, ITC, CIC.


Rayovac is the world’s largest manufacturer of hearing aid batteries. ProLine is available direct from Rayovac exclusively through hearing health care professionals in the US and Europe. Extra Brand is available only through select hearing aid distributors in North America and Europe.


Siemens is always thinking ahead by providing the hearing solutions professionals need to make the most of their practice. By integrating advanced hearing technology like CENTRA with cutting edge services and software like mySiemens, iScan, and Practice Naviagtor, a professional’s practice can be redefined to become as effective and productive as he or she would like it to be.


Sonic Innovations designs, develops, manufacturers, and markets advanced digital hearing aids designed to provide the highest levels of satisfaction for hearing impaired consumers.

Sound Design Technologies

Sound Design Technologies Ltd is a leading designer and manufacturer of ultra-low power semiconductor solutions for hearing instruments, and a leading provider of advanced high density interconnect technologies used in custom miniaturized 3D Multi-Chip Modules (MCM), System-in-Package (SIP), and Stacked Chip Scale Packages (S-CSP).


Privately held Starkey Laboratories Inc. is recognized for its innovative design, development and distribution of comprehensive digital hearing systems. Founded in 1967, Starkey currently has more than 4,000 employees and facilities in 25 countries. Custom hearing aid manufacturer and repair service for all makes/models of hearing aids. Standard product and battery sales as well as equipment sales and audiometer calibration/repair. New instrument and repair warranty services. Marketing, training, and practice management services and support. Divisions operating under the Starkey family of companies include Audibel, Micro-Tech, Nu-Ear and Starkey.

The Hearing Journal

The Hearing Journal is a leading trade journal in the industry. Since 1947, hearing professionals have turned to HJ for accurate, timely, and practical information to help them in their work.

The Hearing Review

The Hearing Review is a leading, monthly trade magazine and online resource that provides concise, timely, and accurate information to hearing care professionals worldwide. HR focuses on the practical aspects of hearing instrument testing and fitting, technology, marketing, education, patient counseling, events, and industry trends. HR also produces special supplements, publication, online features, a weekly e-newsletter, The Insider, and an international Edition distributed each fall in conjunction with the EUHA Congress.


Widex is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of advanced digital hearing instruments – including virtually invisible ISP digital hearing instruments.

Special Project Funders


Sonion has funded a mini-PBS documentary for the Better Hearing Institute (BHI). The documentary will highlight the critical importance of hearing and hearing aids as the treatment for hearing loss. This sponsorship presents an opportunity for BHI to highlight hearing healthcare in the digital age and to overcome societal misperceptions of hearing loss and hearing solutions.

Sonion develops, manufactures and markets advanced electroacoustical and electromechanical miniature components. The company services manufacturers of hearing aids, mobile terminals, headsets, and medical devices.


Knowles Electronics funded the latest survey in the MarkeTrak series - MarkeTrak VII and has done so since 1989. Through the funding of this survey the Better Hearing Institute was able to measure customer satisfaction with hearing aids and detailed demography of the hearing loss population, providing the hearing health industry, consumer and the Press important information on hearing healthcare in America.

Knowles Electronics is the world's leading manufacturer of miniature audio transducers, microphones, receivers, wax protection systems, acoustic dampers, and accessories for the hearing health industry. For more than fifty years, Knowles has researched, designed, developed and delivered technologically advanced acoustic products that improve people's lives.


Awarded the Better Hearing Institute with free Internet advertising to assist us in our public educational programs.